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Luxury Slabway Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair

Shiatsu Results - Rejuvenates the body and mind removing physical & emotional stress

This Chair Will Change Your Life

✔️ Full Body Massage - Experience the full Shiatsu Massage from head to feet

✔️ Heat Therapy System - Relaxes & eases tense muscles

✔️ Automatic Reclining - Zero Gravity

✔️ Easy to use Control Panel

✔️ Custom Massage - Easily work up or down from different massage intensities

✔️ High Power Vibration

✔️ Air Pressure - 42 fatigue relieving air bags

✔️ Smart Roller System - Flexible smart rollers conform to your specific contour and shape

✔️ Shaitsu Results - Rejuvenates the mind and body removing physical & emotional stress

✔️ Easy Setup - Your Massage Chair is delivered almost entirely assembled

✔️ Money Back Guarantee - If you do not love our product. Send it back for a full refund

✔️ 1-Year Warranty Included - Full coverage of all parts

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