Leg Air Massager


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Leg Air Massager
Leg Air Massager
Leg Air Massager
Leg Air Massager
Leg Air Massager
Leg Air Massager

Leg Massage Experience & Circulation Improvement

This air compression leg massager can be used to massage your legs/calves, arms, and feet after work every day. It is designed with all-round airbags squeezing and 2x2 large airbags inside, relax your muscles from lower to upper, to compress your muscles, helping to reduce leg pain, relieve muscle fatigue, and promote exercise recovery.
  • [Comfortable Experience] QTQ leg massager has 12 airbags to fully wrap the legs, with different intensity modes to relax leg muscles and to improve blood circulation. Lightweight design allows the product to be used on thighs, calves, feet, arms, etc.
  • [Built-In Battery] QTQ leg massager is equipped with a rechargeable battery, which can work at max power for one hour without plugging in. Using without free the cord and relax your body any time and any place.

  • [Two-Level Heating] With the heating mode, this massager can relax your muscles further. The heating function is off by default. It is recommended not to use this function for too long to prevent Cryogenic burns to the skin.
  • [Easy to use] Both young and old can easily get started and enjoy relaxing massage with the easy-to-operate controller. In addition to daily muscle soothing, the product can also be helpful for people with restless leg syndrome, varicose veins​, swollen legs, or edema on leg ankle or foot.

Air Leg Massager

Air Leg Massager

Air Leg Massager


Middle-aged and elderly people

People who have poor circulation;

People who have restless leg syndrom;

People who have varicose veins, swollen or edema on leg ankle or foot.


People who have high labor intensity;

People who have high work pressure;

People who stand or sit for a long time;

People who travel frequently;

People who often wear high heel shoes.


People who often go to the gym;

People who have a long trip;

People who often biking, dancing, climbing;

People who enjoy Yoga;

People who finish workout or training.

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