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      SLABWAY® Refund and Return Policies 

      Please note that Installment Plan Policies are different from full payment policies and will be listed under Massage Chair Installment Plan Policy below.

      Cancellation Policy

      • Cancellations are done on a per request basis, if Customer Support is able to catch the order before it ships, it will be cancelled at no cost. If the order has been shipped before cancellation request was able to be processed the order can no longer be cancelled and is now subject to the Refund & Return Policy.

      Refund Policy

      • Refunds are only issued on products that carry a ‘Money Back Guarantee’. Each Money Back Guarantee comes with a Money Back Time Frame associated with the Guarantee and a Refund Percentage specific to the Guarantee.
      • The Money Back Time Frame begins on the date that the order is shipped to the Customer from Company.
      • The Refund Percentage is for the product cost only, it does not apply to shipping services. The Customer is responsible for all packaging and shipping required to return the merchandise to the Company. 
      • If Customer wishes to return an eligible product for a refund, Customer is required to submit a Return Merchandise Authorization Form and return the product to the Company within the Money Back Time Frame. The Company will not accept returns for any reason without a completed RMA form or RMA number.
        1. That RMA form can be found here:
      • Please note, due to the size of the product, freight shipments require a restocking/reroute fee per product, depending on what is applicable. With the exception of items damaged in transit, The Customer agrees that all refused deliveries are subject to a rerouting fee of $250 or a restocking fee of $350.
      • Any product not specified in table below does not carry a Money Back Guarantee and is not eligible for refund.


      Product Name

      Money Back Time Frame

      Refund Percentage

      Chair Massager

      365 Days

      100% minus restocking fee of $350 or refusal fee of $250.

      Chair Massager-Installment Plan

      30 Days

      100% minus restocking fee of $350 or refusal fee of $250.

      Foot Massager

      120 Days


      Leg Wrap

      120 Days


      Hand Massager

      120 Days




      1. My product is eligible for refund under a Money Back Guarantee, now what do I do?
        • Please fill out the RMA form found HERE. All returned product requires a Returned Merchandise Authorization number which can only be obtained by filling out the form.
        1. I shipped my product back with my RMA number on it, now what happens?
          • If Customer has the tracking number for the product being returned to the Company, please email it to We are happy to issue the refund quicker based off the return tracking number. Alternatively, we will process the refund following receipt of the product to our warehouse location.
          1. What is the restock/reroute fee for my freight shipment?
            • Due to the size of freight shipments a restocking fee of $350 is deducted from any approved refund when product is shipped back to the Company. In cases where the freight shipment was refused before delivery, this shipment can be rerouted for a fee of $250, which is deducted from the refund.

            Replacement Policy

            • Replacements are sent for products that have a manufacturer defect or were damaged in transit.
            • To receive a replacement product please fill out the RMA Form found HERE. In the form Customer will be asked to provide evidence of manufacturer defect or damage before a Replacement Order will be issued.
            • The Company does appreciate when defective product is returned by Customer for research purposes, however returning the product is not required for a Replacement Order to be issued.


            Product Warranties

            The Company offers parts and replacement warranties only. Please see below for Product Warranty Policies.


            • Massage Chair Warranty: The Slabway Massage Chair comes with a 1-year Manufacturer Warranty. A 3-Year Extended Warranty provided by the Company may be purchased for the Massage Chair. Please note: this warranty is seperate from the 1-year Manufacturer Warranty that is already provided with purchase.
            • Foot Massager Warranty: A 1-year warranty provided by the Company may be purchased.
            • For details on these Warranties, Customer should refer to the documentation provided with the product or contact to obtain a copy.


            Massage Chair Installment Plan Policy

            1. The Customer agrees to complete four (4) full install payments in the amount of $499.99 each, with the first payment being due at the time of purchase and all remaining payments being due on the same date of each following month until the full balance is paid.
            2. Should the Customer default on a payment resulting in a Past Due amount on their monthly invoice, a $25 fee will be charged to The Customer during the first and each subsequent Past Due notice. Only one fee will be charged per Past Due invoice. This fee is nonrefundable and is not applied to the remaining balance on the account.
              1. Should the amount of $499.99 fail to be collected from The Customer on the invoice date, four (4) additional attempts will be made by The Company to fulfill payment. In the event that payment is not collected on a single invoice, The Customer account will be updated to reflect a ‘Collections’ status.
              2. While in the Collections status, The Company reserves the right to bill The Customer for any amount collectible up to the total amount due. This payment will be added to the remaining balance owed by The Customer and additional attempts to collect will continue until the full installment is recouped. The remaining installments will adhere to the previously determined payment schedule. 
                1. NOTE: if The Customer enters into the Collections status, a $99.99 fee will be charged to their account. This fee is nonrefundable and is not applied to the remaining balance on the account. 

            Should The Customer fail to comply with the terms of the above mentioned policy, The Customer may be liable to legal action pursued on behalf of The Company to recoup any damages resulting from a violation of policy (which may include, but shall not be limited to, the product cost, applicable court fees, collection services, etc.)