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      Can Reflexology help prevent having a Stroke?

      Can Reflexology help prevent having a Stroke?

      After your first stroke - all of a sudden, life choices seem to get very important. That isn’t to say you don’t take things seriously enough already - but now with that experience behind you - it’s important to consider everything. This article is about something refreshing and upbeat, that can help you recover from a stroke faster and more comprehensively and offers a low-risk solution to strategically navigating your world, post-stroke. We will help detail a plan that helps take advantage of the benefits of foot massage for treating post-stroke symptoms.


      Interestingly, until recently, the effects of massage and reflexology have been discounted when talking about the treatment of things like stroke. But with the emergence of numerous high profile clinical studies that do show scientific evidence that stroke symptoms can be improved with things as simple and rewarding as foot massage, now it’s no longer in the realm of pseudoscience. 

      It’s not like Reflexology wasn’t already anecdotally proven, and it’s obvious to proponents of the practice that the methodology is sound, especially given how much relief from symptoms and post-stroke concerns the continued use of the practice can offer. Now, however, it’s clear - foot massage is an indulgence that means something substantial in the treatment of stroke survivors. Get ready for an enhanced quality of life as we help you navigate after your stroke, how to get more foot massages, and also gain relief for those pesky post-stroke conditions. 

      How can you be sure that treatment for stroke patients with foot massage is more science than hearsay?

      Here are some important links to clinical studies that prove there is more to the story than the blanket rejection by some practitioners that stroke patients can benefit from foot massage and other substantially similar techniques.

      What types of post-stroke symptoms can foot massage treat?


      • Regaining touch control and relieving temporary paralysis
      • Reducing anxiety
      • Improving overall well-being, quality of life, and outlook
      • Improving baseline vitals
      • Positive blood pressure benefits
      • Pulse rate and blood oxygenation effects
      • Improved sleeping satisfaction
      • Body temperature regulation

      At risk for stroke? Can you prevent potential stroke through foot massage?

      We aren’t doctors. Nothing we present here should be taken as medical advice. It’s for informational purposes only. However, there is strong evidence that the types of symptoms that lead up to stroke, and the lifestyle and pre-stroke conditions that exist for some people can be dramatically positively affected by utilizing foot massage and reflexology in combination with other sound health choices to help prevent a stroke from occurring. 

      Doctor Visit

      It’s important to understand that many of the root causes of stroke involve the transmission of oxygen throughout the body, overall health and well-being, stress level control, and overall health. These are all things that can be helped through proper foot massage and the use of pressure points on the foot, among other healthy lifestyle practices. 

      While we are firm believers that it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle and that there are numerous important factors in maintaining health, and that foot massage should be part of a larger overall health plan, foot massage can be a luxury that also pays heavy health benefit dividends. 

      What are some of the steps you can take to start getting more foot massages and helping to avoid, or treat stroke? 

      Foot Massager

      • Learn about basic concepts in reflexology to help with specific “pain points” you or a loved one may experience during recovery of a stroke
      • Consider using an automated massage device that can lend a hand when limited mobility or limited resource situations exist
      • Recognize the need for a holistic approach to viewing conditions, where all possible inputs and variables can be explored. A single treatment option is rarely the best course of action. Foot massage works best in harmony with other best practices 
      • Seek a better quality of life and to lower overall stress levels and blood pressure
      • Consider a multi-part process involving foot massage and other touch massage methods throughout the day, particularly as stress levels are likely to increase, or before retiring for the night


      Stroke patients can realize significant benefits from foot massage and other touch massage techniques with regards to the symptoms they experience both pre and post-stroke. It’s important to understand the effect of quality of life, overall stress levels, and blood pressure on the potential for stroke - each of which can be effectively benefited from properly implemented foot massage and reflexology treatments. 

      Benefits of Reflexology for Pregnancy

      Benefits of Reflexology for Pregnancy

      Pregnancy and foot massage go hand in hand. If not by default, they certainly should. There is emerging medical science that shows this is not a fluke - real-world benefits for those in pregnancy thanks to properly implemented foot massage are no longer an anecdote. Science has liberated the baby-bearer once again, and it is time for women everywhere to start collecting on those promised foot massages to help alleviate pregnancy symptoms and increase the flow of benefits to mother and child alike. 

      Pregnant Doctors Appointment

      Need a bit of science to back your request for frequent foot massages ladies? Here is some:

      How can you benefit from Reflexology during pregnancy?


      You will find nowhere in this article that we believe it’s ok or smart to try to induce labor through the use of reflexology. It is not. Your medical professionals, doula, midwife, or other pregnancy support should consult to help you make those decisions to promote safety for you and your baby. 

      The foot and heel arches are perfect pressure points to gain huge benefits from foot pain and tenderness. You can relieve pressure in the feet by pressing in these arches with moderate to low pressure, depending on your tolerance until they become less tender. This will increase blood flow and can facilitate better massages overall on the feet. This method needs to be considered, but too much pressure can help to induce labor, so remember that you must be treating symptoms and not trying to create new ones. Listen to how your body reacts to manual touch therapy and tread lightly. 

      Lymphatic massage can also help with swelling and edema concerns. You should consult a clinician in reflexology for proper touch therapy. Due to the nature of the placement of points on the bottom of the foot, a massage device may be a perfect substitute for short-term relief and in conjunction with help from a reflexologist that knows what they are doing. The lymphatic system has multiple points on the bottom of the foot which can be adequately reached with automatic foot massagers and other tools. 

      It’s not just for Edema anymore, but why not for edema too?


      Painful swelling from trapped fluid in the tissues of the body, specifically in the feet and lower legs is not fun. Science has proven that edema can effectively be treated through manual touch therapy as well as reflexology, but most specifically through properly implemented foot massage, which can be achieved by using an automatic massager and associated manual therapies. These can be administered by yourself or someone else - though if we had our choice you know we’d be finding a partner to help out or a qualified helper with certifications. 

      Keep the massage devices handy though, as massage has no ceiling on the number of uses before it becomes less effective. It can always be useful. 

      What other pregnancy symptoms can foot massage treat?

      Foot Massager

      Lucky for you, there are very few pregnancy symptoms that cannot benefit from good foot massage techniques. 

      The following is a shortlist of the benefactors of such a foot focus:

      • Fatigue
      • Spasms and cramping in lower legs
      • Edema in lower extremities
      • Sleep quality 
      • Blood pressure consistency
      • Anxiety and inability to relax
      • Aches and pains that come with pregnancy
      • Constipation
      • Even postpartum pain management and comfort can benefit from foot massage

      And as a final note, the myth that massage for feet and ankles is bad on pregnant women seems to now be skewed in favor of implementing them for relief of edema and other concerns, with very low risk. Sufficient studies have been performed to show the low risk involved. For those who feel they may be at risk, they should consult with their medical professional to be sure. 

      Reflexology for Peripheral Neuropathy

      Reflexology for Peripheral Neuropathy

      Sufferers of Peripheral Neuropathy often have experienced trauma or major infections to get to the point of their peripheral neuropathy diagnosis. It’s a secondary chronic condition that stems from other primary conditions. In short: it’s already been a long road by the time one is diagnosed with Peripheral neuropathy, and it will be a long road still unless you can find some quality of life treatments and commit to reducing symptoms over the long-term. This article will help you to use manual and automatic foot massage and reflexology to treat symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy. 

      Peripheral neuropathy

      The burning, stabbing, tingling, and generally obnoxious pain symptoms are a major cause for fatigue, complacency, and lack of hope for proper relief, which can cause myriad other concerns including physiological and psychological issues. With the rise of diabetes in the United States, the number of cases is already rising and expected to gain critical momentum. If you are a diabetic, you already have reasons to use foot massage and reflexology for improved quality of life and treatment of symptoms, but now that need is higher than ever. 

      Interestingly, there are a plethora of studies that have been concluded in the past decade and a half that center around the efficacy of foot massage and reflexology in the treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy. It helps shed light on some of the science behind the techniques and brings them into the forefront of ancillary treatments and helps to prove their effectiveness outside of anecdotal information you have heard. 

      How can Reflexology and Foot Massage help sufferers of peripheral neuropathy?

      Peripheral neuropathy massage

      It seems pretty clear that there are decades of clinical research that show strong correlations between improved blood flow and massage of all types. In the case of peripheral neuropathy, your feet are major components of the symptoms. To be able to get an easy win early on is great. 

      But the benefits don’t stop at increased blood flow. There are ways to target internals by using reflexology with manual touch therapy on the feet and beyond. Targeting the right areas for your individualized treatment needs offers a good way to ensure some level of relief without huge outlays of time and energy. 

      Relaxation and stress relief is also important. Living with a chronic condition can be mentally and physically fatiguing. Foot massage can address this immediately in most cases.

      The feet are packed with nerve endings and the most direct way to impact peripheral neuropathy is by soothing those tingling, pain-filled nerve endings. Foto massage is an obvious win.  

      Is it realistic to expect a big quality of life improvement and other benefits?

      Peripheral neuropathy Ankle

      Recent studies do show promising returns on investment from a technique perspective. The following clinical studies are excellent examples of the efficacy of such treatments.

      These all show a net positive, especially concerning foot massage, with the usual skepticism of reflexology thrown into the conclusions - though the majority of these clinical studies did acknowledge reflexology is a promising area of study for the condition. 

      For those that understand that the quality of life benefits, paired with the improved balance potential, and the blood flow improvements are important parts to treating their peripheral neuropathy, we recommend getting into foot massage in a committed way. One could utilize an automatic massager in conjunction with manual hand touch therapy on the feet to take advantage of the biggest gains shown in these four studies. An improved QoL is a major factor in managing pain, managing sanity, and managing the day-to-day of living with peripheral neuropathy whether as a diabetic or not. 

      How Reflexology can help with Multiple Sclerosis

      How Reflexology can help with Multiple Sclerosis

      Supplemental medical treatments have begun to come into the mainstream as the quality of life concerns overshadow otherwise successful treatment regimens for chronic illnesses. One such situation where a supplemental medical treatment seems to be making a lot of headway in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis through foot massage and reflexology. This article should help you to understand the ins and outs of the concepts being floated in the medical community right now. 

      It’s never been a frontline technique in modern medicine, but the inherent staying power, at least anecdotally should prove the efficacy of reflexology and foot centered massage touch therapy. But in light of dozens of recent clinical studies, hard science seems to be emerging over said efficacy - and it looks great for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis.

      What is Multiple Sclerosis and what symptoms are difficult to treat?

      Doctors Visit

      Multiple Sclerosis is a disease where the immune system degrades the protective outer covering of nerves. 

      The result is generally a diminishing ability for the brain to maintain proper communication with the nerves and this can lead to a variety of symptoms that can lead to life-altering conditions. A loss of vision, pain, and coordination degradation are among the more prevalent symptoms over a prolonged period, but many other symptoms can manifest throughout the cycle of MS. While there is no current cure for MS, immune suppressors can aid in symptom relief and slowing of the progress of the disease. 

      The quality of life enhancements are crucial in a treatment plan for MS, and foot massage and Reflexology can help. 

      Hard to treat MS symptoms include:

      • Urinary symptoms
      • Sensory pain 
      • Motor difficulties
      • Pain management
      • Anxiety

      Why hasn’t foot massage and Reflexology been used more extensively before now?


      It’s pretty simple. MS, while it has been around since way before it was standardized by name as a condition, is relatively new to the world of medicine. French Neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot made it his life work to treat it and named it in 1868. There is documentation as early as the late 14th century which is likely referring to MS sufferers - countless others, no doubt have dealt with the debilitating disease. 

      While Reflexology was discovered long before the late 14th century, it simply wasn’t well known and the ability to grab information, or to classify diseases was limited until much more recently. It’s important to note, that until now, Reflexology and foot centric touch therapy have been limited by the scientific channels that generally garner support for medical treatments. 

      There have been dozens of studies of late, however, that aim to change this, especially when it comes to treating MS with foot massage and using Reflexology as a base for touch therapy. 

      The following clinical studies are great examples:

      The weakest of the findings, in a double-blind sham-controlled clinical study still found benefits of foot massage for MS Patients, even if they didn’t conclude that sizable gains were made specifically with regards to Reflexology. This is important because it shows the efficacy of quality of life improvements and leaves room for further development of the science behind techniques. Overall it too is a win for MS sufferers. Note: the incredibly difficult standard built into this test is among the industries tightest control sets for clinical studies. For reference:

      What can you do right now to take advantage of the science behind the clinical studies and improve your quality of life, while living with MS?

      • Get an automatic massager for your feet. The stimulation of one of the more densely packed sets of nerve endings in the body will help in multiple ways. 
      • Understand how to treat your specific symptoms with touch therapy and targeted Reflexology. If nothing else, there have been indications that the placebo effect can even improve your quality of life thanks to the manual implementation of Reflexology. That said, Reflexology seems to be a solid solution for a majority of MS sufferers, with real benefits. 
      • Read the studies and talk with your medical professionals. It’s possible they have not seen some of these studies and may be more receptive to helping you find the quality of life improvements through creative techniques and helping to get your treatments through insurance programs and other means.
      • Spend some time with self-care. Don’t be afraid to take time to yourself to evaluate and take advantage of treatments that seem to work well for your unique symptoms. No one case of MS is the same as any other. What works for you will need to be more heavily relied upon during flare-ups or particularly hard days. 

      Can Foot Massage liven up your Sex Life?

      Can Foot Massage liven up your Sex Life?

      Constant pop culture and movie references capture the idea of a poignant realization we all know: Foot massages are the gateway drug to a better sex life. But even if the sensory experience is the main thing we focus on, there may be more to the concept than simply how good it feels to have your closest companion touching an area of your body full of nerve endings. Studies have come forward in recent years that speak to the possible science behind why foot massages can trigger more interesting, fulfilling sexual experiences for partners everywhere. 

      Let’s look at some of the science behind the phenomenon, and perhaps help you as a reader to take advantage of the key benefits of foot massage to improve your sex life. 

      Why the feet are considered erogenous zones

      Kama Sutra, the Taoist Points of Love, and other ancient practices show that achieving sexual heights have been a cause for study since the dawn of civilization. But the feet have always been involved, even if some studies show that there is reason to believe that the feet are not an erogenous zone []. Who are they kidding? Have you had a foot massage?

      Packed with nerve endings the slightest touch can be felt deeply. The concept that the study posted immediately above covers, actually lends credence to the idea that reflexology has something more to do with the foot than we ever thought before, and that sexual gratification can be improved through proper touch therapy. 

      How sensual touch can point to real-world benefits

      Countless studies have been performed to try to uncover the science behind better sex. With the following study, the focus was to determine the efficacy of foot massage on actual sexual health and whether there is a tangible benefit in the moment from a sexual satisfaction perspective.

      Other studies dive into this topic as an abstract as well. 

      Here’s a report that many women might wish they had experienced or had the capability of experiencing:

      Foot massage for sex life improvement without a partner performing the massage

      Not everyone has a single partner or desires to share a proclivity towards feet with certain partners, and it’s not necessary to even have a partner perform foot massage to get the benefits. But it definitely can be part of your sex life if you want. 

      Absent a partner for whatever reason, you can facilitate sexual health, gratification, and better climax through implementing proper techniques.

      Foot Massager

      One such platform involves a combination of automatic massage, delivered by a foot massager, and the use of selective reflexology to trigger certain responses and impact internal organs and bodily functions to enhance sexual pleasure and health in the future. 

      You’ll want to understand the points of reference for improving these, however, and remember, it’s important to utilize best practices together for enhanced results. Incremental improvements can add up. 

      Some Reflexology references for improving sex life with foot massage and touch therapy

      • KI1 On the middle of the right foot up towards the top of the foot; this point can stimulate the kidney, which does impact sexual health in ancillary ways
      • SP4 Spleen point 4 on the left foot inside towards the ball of the foot can enhance future satisfaction by improving how your internal organs react to sexual intercourse
      • The inside of the ankles can stimulate the uterus/prostate
      • The big toe can also help with the bottom middle being proportionately helpful to the pituitary gland. Outside of the big toe is also connected to the Hypothalamus
      • The tops of all your toes will help stimulate blood flow to the head and increase brain stimulation, which is important during sex.