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The Ultimate Pain Relief Therapy: Shiatsu & Reflexology Combined


Often in life, a dual approach can prove to be surprisingly effective. And when it comes to this creative way of navigating around pain, two is undoubtedly better than one.   

In this interesting combo, a largely undiscovered pain relief strategy has revealed itself to us. 

 For a game-changing approach at pain relief, combine the two ancient bodywork practices of Shiatsu and Reflexology... and discover the missing link in your pain management plan.

Here, we tap into the ancient wisdom of Eastern alternative medicine to discover a thoroughly modern take on these time-honored methods.

Let’s dive into the principles of these two traditional therapies, and explore why both Shiatsu and Reflexology can be a great combined approach:

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu translates as “finger pressure” in Japanese.

Shiatsu massage technique uses the fingers, thumbs, and palm to apply pressure to parts of the body. 

It is based on the ideas of 12 meridians, (or pathways of energy) throughout the body. The technique is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine concepts, and also adopts some Western elements.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a practice based on applying pressure to different areas of the feet, and sometimes hands or ears.

It focuses on the idea that specific points on our hands and feet are inextricably linked to organs in different parts of the body; so by treating the corresponding area with pressure, pain and disease is relieved in the afflicted area.  

Reflexology takes concepts from traditional Chinese medicine that can influence our qi, or “vital energy.”  Some attribute its effectiveness to a concept called “zone therapy”. 

This school of thought says there are 10 vertical zones of the body, and each zone links an organ with an area on the hands and feet. By pressing on the associated zone, we can access issues in those affected parts of the body. 

Here are three enticing reasons why combining Shiatsu and Reflexology is the ultimate in pain relief therapy:

3. Both Shiatsu & Reflexology Work With the Central Nervous System

Pain is rooted in the nervous system. Reflexology is based on the concept that pressing on particular areas of the feet, hands, and ears stimulates the nerves. These signals to the nerves can actually “interrupt” pain signals.  Reflexology has helped those with migraines, phantom limb pain, and chronic pain.  

Shiatsu also works to balance nervous system activity.

Foam rolling

 It stimulates circulatory,  lymphatic, and hormonal functions in the body.

It has been used to improve pain intensity, pain threshold, as well as sleep quality. Improved sleep is incredibly beneficial in the body’s ability to heal and combat chronic pain.

2. Both Shiatsu and Reflexology Work to Correct Energy Flow

Shiatsu applies pressure to areas of the body along meridians, depending on the type of pain or condition being addressed.

By targeting the pressure to specific meridians, it allows the corresponding organs to receive and release energy. This balanced energy flow in the body allows for self-healing, decreased stress, and reduced pain.

Reflexology also works with energy using “reflex zones”. Pressing on an area of the foot can work with the body’s energy to facilitate healing and pain relief.

Both Shiatsu and Reflexology promote relaxation, which is crucial in pain management.

1. Shiatsu Addresses Muscle Tension, While Reflexology Balances Reflexes

Combining the best elements of each of these two individual practices allows incredible leaps to be taken in relieving pain. 

Foam rolling

 First, Shiatsu addresses muscle tension through soft tissue manipulation- this  loosen muscles, while also improving blood circulation and lymphatic functions. 

Foam rolling

 Reflexology rounds out the pairing by effectively providing relaxation and achieving balance in the body.

By combining the two practices, we're able to harness a dynamic approach to pain management.

Utilizing both Shiatsu and Reflexology techniques can benefit our entire body, coming together to promote relaxation, healing, and targeted pain management.

To bring the two combined therapies of Shiatsu and Reflexology home to your place, the Slabway Shiatsu Foot Massager leverages the very best of both methods.

Shiatsu Foot Massager

Specifically targeting all areas of your feet through a variety of Shiatsu techniques; the pulsing, kneading, and rolling modes hit all your Reflexology meridians too. 

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Melting away tension and fatigue in your feet is a welcome beginning... 

But then, when you discover the difference you’ll feel throughout your entire body thanks to those Reflexology benefits, we know you’ll be an instant devotee.

Stepping in the right direction toward wellbeing,    

Slabway Wellness Contributor

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