How Back Pain Affects Your Daily Life (...and What You Can Do About it!)

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Chronic back pain can really get in the way of our peaceful enjoyment of our days, and significantly affect our quality of life. While the physical toll we incur from suffering with chronic pain is obvious... There are also some less evident repercussions, that affect both our physical and emotional state too.

Does your chronic back pain ever cause you to miss out on fun activities with your friends and family, call in sick to work, or just feel plain grouchy?

It’s important that we dedicate some serious effort into our pain management efforts- and effectively treat our chronic back pain if possible- in order to avoid these negative follow-on effects from spilling over into our daily lives. 

What if we told you there are some innovative ways you too can claim your quality of  life back, without making any more compromises for lower back pain?

Here, we discuss the ways chronic back pain can affect our quality of life, and explore some things we can do about it... That way, we can partake in all the activities we enjoy, with the people we love: So we can get on with the good stuff!


How Back Pain Affects Your Social Interactions

Back pain can spill over into our relationships with our family and friends. It can cause us to inadvertently push them away, or keep them at arm’s length; We do this either to insulate our loved ones from our suffering, or because we don’t want to make a big deal about it. 

Though we try and put on a happy face, our nearest and dearest can always usually tell when something’s wrong. Family dynamics can be uprooted when we’re repeatedly missing out on a fun activity we used to love doing with our inner circle, and make us feel like we’re disconnected from our loved ones due to our pain. 

If we don’t speak up about our lower back pain and keep it to ourselves, however, our favorite people might notice a change in our demeanor, or they could feel like our mood swings are a personal affront... Which can then go on to affect how they perceive us. 

How Back Pain Can Interfere With Your Work

Getting an x ray or CT scan can help people put their mind at ease and reveal the source of their low back pain

Simply showing up for work- let alone operating at our best- can be a challenge when we suffer from chronic pain. 

If we call in sick often, or aren’t able to carry out our given tasks at work, we aren’t able to function as a valuable member of the team. Coping with chronic back pain can affect our job performance, and in extreme cases, even potentially cost us our position.

How Back Pain Impacts Your Mental State and Self Esteem

It’s no secret that chronic back pain can cause us to suffer from depression. 

It can creep in when we start avoiding certain activities, because we’re worried they might make our pain worse. As a result, we’re also missing out on the social outlet and loving reassurance that comes with those beautiful, life-affirming human connections. 

Our self esteem can take the hit too, as lower back pain can cause us to feel like we’re losing our confidence when we notice we’re not able to do many of the things we once did with ease. 

Over time, this can really take its toll. We can feel vulnerable as a result of coping with the pain… And to make matters worse, we’re also along for the ride on erratic mood swings, and the times when we just can’t function because the pain has made us feel like we’ve lost a part of ourselves. 


What Are Some Things I Can Do About It?

While pain management and seeking effective treatment is paramount to living a life completely free of chronic pain... There’s still a journey on the way to your destination of a pain-free back. And because life never hits the pause button, here’s some ways you can improve your everyday existence, even when you’re still in the treatment phase of your progression:

  • Try some mindfulness exercises, gentle yoga or meditation.
    Each activity that focuses on spirituality encourages self awareness, so you can become more cognizant of how you’re presenting yourself to the world, and in turn, they’ll help you to consciously decide to be upbeat.

  • Talk to your family and friends and explain that it's nothing personal, you’re just coping as well as you can with the pain.
    By entrusting them with your truth, they'll have a better platform to be understanding and supportive if you’re having a bad back pain day. Remember, they love you and want to help, so they'll surely do their best to suggest things to do together that will help take your mind off the pain and make you feel supported and appreciated.  


  • Make some adaptations in your work environment.
    Experiment with some options to discover what works for you- You might find relief from working at a standing desk, or from sitting in a chair with good lumbar support that will help your pain management efforts. Try our Lumbar Support Cushion Set to convert any chair into a supportive cradle for your healthiest, most pain-free back.

  • Carve out plenty of time for self-care and relaxation.
    Feeling stressed can amplify pain receptors and aggravate your lower back, so try having a soothing massage to ease your tension and melt away your low back pain. Relax into soothing comfort with the Slabway Full Body Massage Chair to ease out the nagging pains in your back with gentle heat and relieving, targeted pressure on your most painful areas.

We wish you the best on your journey toward coping with your back pain in a better way, and we hope that by making some small but significant changes, your chronic pain will have less of an impact on your quality of life. 

Above all else, we can’t emphasize the importance of self care enough. Remember to be gentle with yourself, as you’re doing your very best to manage a challenging situation… And that’s all anyone could possibly ask of you!

With some time spent nurturing your spirit and recharging your batteries, you’ll be well prepared to consider every single day a precious gift, and approach life with a positive attitude, even with a little back pain tagging along for the ride... 

We believe in you, 


Slabway Wellness Contributor



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