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Explained: How Leg Massagers Work to Improve Circulation And Reduce Pain


So you've heard about the benefits of leg massagers when it comes to improving circulation in your legs & feet and reducing chronic pain.

Curious about how one works, you searched Google, took one look at the first image you saw, and thought to yourself, "What kind of medieval torture device is this and how do I use it?"

Thankfully, a leg massager is not some sick torture device, and I promise it's not a complicated gizmo that you'll use once and then sell at a yard sale in 10 years for 5 bucks.

If you're like me and searched Google in an effort to understand these therapeutic devices, only to be bombarded by an endless sea of "Top Leg Massagers of 2020" clickbait articles, your journey ends here.

Let's get straight to the facts and explain what leg massagers are, how they work, who can benefit from regular use, and break down the best leg massager out there.

In a nutshell, an air compression leg massager is a tool that can help to improve blood circulation in the legs & feet.

As a result, the revitalized blood flow reduces suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, muscle soreness, and other chronic & mild conditions.

There's a ton of cheap rip-offs out there, but you can easily pick out top-notch air compression leg massagers, such as the Slabway Foot & Leg Massage Wrap, by at least having these defining characteristics:

  • Completely covers the feet & calves
  • Customizable modes & intensities
  • Incorporates Shiatsu massage
  • Massages multiple areas
  • Controlled by a handheld remote

Choosing a high-quality leg massager is important when it comes to these devices; some days you might need to take it easy and use the lower intensity settings.

Components of a Leg Massager

There are only 3 major components that you need to know about:

 The inflatable cuffs that wrap around the feet & legs

 The hose that connects the cuffs to the air compression device

 The air compression device/remote that inflates and deflates the cuffs to the mode or variation you select.

Based on the programmed massages & intensities you select, the air compression device compresses air into certain areas of the cuffs in certain patterns that improves blood circulation, relieves fatigue, relaxes muscles, helps with restless legs, and a few more benefits.

Pretty simple, but let's get a bit Bill Nye with this.

The rhythmic patterns of the compressed air alternate between relaxing and contracting the muscles in the legs and feet.

This jumpstarts the cardiovascular & lymphatic systems' process of removing metabolic waste from muscle tissue.

If you're like me & struggled in 6th-grade science, here's a quick refresher on what this all means:

The cardiovascular system is composed of your heart and blood vessels.

Its main function is to transport oxygen, nutrients, and metabolic waste.

How Massage Wraps affect it:

 The expansion & contraction that the leg massager strengthens the blood vessels in your legs and feet & breaks up plaque buildup.

 This reduces the workload that is put on your heart to pump blood to your legs & feet while simultaneously allows oxygen-rich blood to penetrate deep into relaxed muscle tissue.

The lymphatic system is composed of various organs, lymphatic vessels, and tissue.

It has many functions, but when it comes to compression massagers, it maintains body fluid levels and removes metabolic waste.

How Massage Wraps affect it:

 The regular pulsating from the air compression massager keeps the lymph fluid constantly moving, allowing for faster & more effective removal of metabolic waste.

Metabolic waste is byproduct of metabolism. It's composed of substances that the body cannot use.

Sometimes it gets stuck in our body, and over time, buildup from this waste results in poor blood circulation, leading to chronic pain, fatigue, poor blood circulation.

How Massage Wraps affect it:

 When regularly implemented, compression massagers can play a major role in improving blood flow and removing chronic waste buildup.

Now that you understand what happens under the microscope, let's move on to how you'll feel.

After all, feeling is understanding.

We all know the feeling of getting a quick 5-minute backrub after a long, stressful day on the job, or rubbing your feet for half a minute after walking on your feet all day.

We also know the feeling of sheepishly asking our significant other to give us a quick rubdown followed by the inevitable lackluster results of an unenthusiastic massage... and the dread of having to return the favor.

Using a Foot & Leg Massager regularly allows you to experience the following benefits every day without:

 You or your significant other having to begrudgingly rub each other after a long day of work

 Draining your bank account as a result of looming medical bills

 Wasting time from driving to & from uncomfortable spa visits

  • Significantly reduce chronic pain & daily aches
  • Relief from muscle soreness & certain injuries
  • Reduces symptoms Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Reduces pain from varicose veins
  • Reduces discomfort from swelling of the leg, ankle, or foot
  • Relaxation of tight foot & leg muscles
  • Relief from chronic fatigue
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relief from chronic conditions reduces stress, improving overall quality of life
  • Improved mobility in legs & feet
  • Breaks down cellulite & tones the skin
  • Speeds up the recovery process from intense exercise


 Still wondering if an air compression leg massager is right for you? See if you fall under any of these categories:

Believe it or not, members of the United States Olympic team regularly implement leg massage, calf massagers, and/or leg massagers before and after training.

Even if you aren't middle-aged, elderly, chronically ill, or Michael Phelps, you can still benefit from using a leg massager if you fall under any of these categories:

If you work under the following conditions:

☛ Hard labor, such as construction

☛ Jobs that require a lot of standing on hard surfaces

☛ On the contrary, those who sit down most of the day

If you carry out these daily habits:

☛ Frequently traveling

☛ Regularly wearing high heel shoes

☛ Always in the gym or exercising

☛ Consistently adventuring outdoors

If you suffer from the following chronic conditions:

☛ Leg & foot cramps

☛ Poor blood flow & circulation

☛ Limited range of motion

☛ Varicose veins

☛ Dependent Edema, otherwise known as swelling of the lower extremities

☛ Plantar fasciitis 

☛ Blood clots

How Long Can I Use an Air Compression Leg Massager?

30 minutes, once a day is the general consensus of professionals unless otherwise indicated by the manufacturer's recommendations.

Are There Any Side Effects From Leg Massagers?

Too much of a good thing is never a good thing.

Leg massagers are very safe to use, but be sure to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Always consult your doctor before using a leg massage wrap.
  • Some people may experience an increase in body temperature & blood flow to the skin.
  • Although it is rare, prolonged usage past the manufacturer's recommendations may lead to nerve or skin damage.

If you live with any of the following chronic or acute conditions, it is not recommended that you use a leg massager:

  • Severe heart conditions
  • Infected wounds or irritated skin
  • Blood clots in the lower extremities and/or DVT
  • Pain & numbness in the legs
  • Recent surgery
  • Gangrene

As I mentioned in the beginning, a quality leg massager must have a variety of components, but most importantly, intensity levels that you can control based on how you're feeling.

The team at Slabway took the best parts of leg wraps, tossed the smelly compression socks, scrapped the uncomfortable bits, and thorough research, hard work, and determination, developed our own Foot & Leg Massager.

I recognize that's a bold statement, so allow me to explain why this is the best Foot & Leg Massager out there...

Complete Feet to Calves Air Compression Massage

Relieving fatigue, relaxing muscles, & improving circulation

5  Modes, including Shiatsu Massage

Pressure applied to different points on the body to relieve tension & pain

4 Massage Intensities

Go from light to tight depending on your unique needs

Adjustable Leg Wrap Size

Calf massager section can be adjusted to up to 28.5", fits most

Remote Controlled

Adjust power, speed, massage directions, and adjust mode settings easily.

Convenient & Practical

Compact design for effortless storage & travel

If you're ready for maximum comfort, total relief, and complete relaxation, take advantage of our annual sales event & get yours below.

Foot & Leg Massager Wrap


As part of our fall blow-out sale, you can save $100 for a limited time.

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"Wrap" It Up

Sorry, I can never resist a solid pun. Feel free to email my manager.

To be honest, I was pretty amazed at how there was next to nothing online when it comes to explaining what leg massagers are and how they work, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share this knowledge with you.

If you have any more questions about any of the content you just read, feel free to email us at care@slabway.com. Someone from the Slabway team here in Utah will be happy to help.

Stay happy, healthy, and strong,

Self-Proclaimed Massage Aficionado

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