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5 Surprising Benefits of Using a Massage Roller


While many marathon runners, gym junkies, professional athletes, and serious fitness enthusiasts are already rolling their way to optimum muscle performance and comfort…

You may be yet to discover the advantages of using a massage roller, and the world of possibilities it opens up for your body.

But, using a foam roller to melt away muscle soreness, optimize performance and prevent injuries isn’t just reserved for those training to run their next 10k- We can all enjoy the benefits of foam rolling. 

If you haven’t experienced the indescribable sensation of rolling yourself out with the perfect myofascial release massage yet, it truly must be felt to be believed.  

Why is it Important to Roll Out Your Muscles?

Ask any professional athlete who they keep on speed dial, and you can guarantee it’ll be their physical therapist. 

You see, this deep understanding of how muscles work and the best way to manipulate them to their advantage is what gives the elite sports stars that edge:

And their PT wouldn’t be pleased to know that their secret’s out- that we can actually achieve similar, impressive results at home. 

"Self Myofascial Release" sounds technical, but the results you’ll get from this type of do-it-yourself deep tissue sports massage certainly makes it live up to its fancy name.

Foam rolling our body not only relieves day-to-day muscle tension, but it can prevent injuries and boost performance when used as part of a warm up, even more effectively than your usual pre-workout stretch.

After your sweat session, working tight muscles over a foam roller, massage stick or spike ball helps flush lactic acid out of muscle tissue, to speed up recovery and build mass.

It stimulates lymphatic drainage, helping the body metabolize toxins and lead to significant muscle gains. 

Is It Good to Foam Roll Every Day?

While more is not always necessarily better, experts suggest that you really can’t overdo it when it comes to foam roller use- provided you’re not applying too much pressure in the wrong areas, which can leave a bruise if you get a bit carried away.

Your body knows what’s best, so listen to what it’s telling you when experimenting with the location and pressure you’re applying to find the sweet spot that’s right for you. 

The benefits of using foam rollers and targeted pressure application tools are significant, so it’s well worth the mere 2 minutes required to see results. 

So, how much is the right amount?

1-5 Minutes

over each muscle group...


the steady, slow-paced rolling...

Working Into

the muscle fibers until you feel the sensation of release.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using a massage roller to easily incorporate self myofascial release into your daily routine:

What are five 5 benefits of foam rolling?

5. Eases Muscle Pain

Using a foam roller is highly effective in relieving muscle pain and tension, for some reasons that are largely undiscovered- until now.

Areas of tight muscle fibers- commonly referred to as “knots”- can form after an injury or due to overuse, such as working out particularly hard in one muscle group.

This is due to excessive strain being placed on the tough membrane structures that act as connective tissue, binding and supporting our muscles, called myofascial tissue. 

Overexerting this connective tissue manifests as a sensitive area or “trigger point” that causes the surrounding muscles to seize up, causing stiffness and persistent, burning pain.

Using the foam rolling method at home actually mimics the physiotherapy technique of myofascial release.

By leveraging our body weight and resistance, we unlock the perfect formula to apply targeted pressure to the specific trigger points, and allow those tightly wound muscle fibers to unknit themselves. 

4. Increases Range of Motion

Foam rolling benefits

When it comes to devising your optimal pre-workout warm up, supercharging your prep routine with a foam roller leaves your regular old stretching routine in the dust.

Increasing your range of motion and flexibility starts with loosening the muscles so they can move past each other with less friction. 

The foam roller technique goes one better, however:

Foam rolling

Not only does it limber up and lengthen large muscle groups and improve your range of motion, but it also gently squeezes stagnant blood out of the fascia.

Foam rolling

This encourages fresh, oxygenated blood flow to rush back into the muscles, giving them hydration, increased energy and more dynamic ability.

3. Prevents Injury & Helps You Recover Faster

Incorporating foam rollers into your warm up means looser, more lubricated muscles that are full of freshly oxygenated blood and plenty of hydration.

This translates to smoother dynamic transitions in your coordination, which helps prevent sudden or awkward movements that can lead to pulled muscles, sprains and damage. 

Faster recovery between sets (and after your cool-down) can be achieved with foam rolling techniques, too. The fatigue, muscle soreness, and joint pain you experience during and after working out is the result of lactic acid building up in your body.

By stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage with foam rollers, these painful toxins are rapidly flushed out, and nutrients supplied to fatigued muscles. 

2. Relieves Back Pain

You don’t even need to be a gym junkie to reap the rewards of foam roll massagers.

Anyone who suffers from back pain due to long periods spent sitting in front of a computer, behind the wheel, or moving around a lot at work will discover blissful, unwinding relief from a session of foam rolling myofascial release. 

Foam rolling

The large network of active muscle groups in our back are hard at work; all day, every day.

They work together to keep us upright, allowing us to bend and move around freely.

Foam rollers

As a result of their constant use, they naturally tend to hold onto tightly-wound tension.

This is where foam rollers shine; they're especially enjoyable and easy to use on your back, encouraging your back muscles to open up and lengthen- in turn, releasing tension and pain.  

1. Helps You to Relax

If we’re under a lot of stress, taking the time for self care can be a low priority amid the chaos. Carving out the time necessary for meditation or a full yoga class can seem like an unachievable task in our busy schedules...

But you can get almost instant results with the targeted release of tension that’s found in a quick foam rolling session.

Combining the soothing stretching and massaging effects you’ll get with a foam roller couldn’t be a better or faster way to wind down.

You’ll feel instant relief and near-miraculous benefits with a session of foam rolling at the end of a long day.

Foam roller

Are Massage Rollers Worth It?

For a fraction of the cost of a professional sports massage, and with the convenience of utilizing these self myofascial release tools whenever you need them.

At the gym, at home, or on the go- the small investment it takes to have this unique and results-driven roller set at your fingertips is more than worth its weight in gold. (You might even win a gold medal with your gains…)

The Slabway 5-in-1 Massage Roller Set combines 5 different rollers for every area of your body. In it, you’ll receive:

  • 1 x Classic Triple Zone Foam Roller- complete with end caps to easily store all the smaller accessories inside the tube when not in use.

  • 1 x Lacrosse Ball- great for trigger points in the forearms, neck, & shoulders

  • Spike Ball- for the arch of your feet.

  • Stretch Strap- for hamstrings and quads

  • Premium Massage Stick for hard to roll areas like the shin, quad and inner thighs.

This complete set takes the hassle and guesswork out of the equation for easy use, storage and transportation.

For the cost of a single visit to a physical therapist, you can have this ease, convenience and relief at your disposal, on your schedule, for a lifetime.

We’d say that’s pretty worth it… Wouldn’t you?

Rolling our way toward our most limber, flexible, and resilient bodies,

Slabway Wellness Consultant

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