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4 Ways a White Noise Machine Will Improve Your Quality of Sleep

There’s nothing better than getting a full night of restful sleep:

You wake up refreshed & ready for your day. 

But alas, life often gets in the way of that elusive 8-hour sleep goal...

More often than not, we find ourselves reaching for coffee as soon as our alarms go off, or hitting that snooze button repeatedly until we’re running seriously behind schedule! 

If your mornings are less about launching straight into a productive flow; and more about staggering around trying to shake off that sleepy fog for hours before you can finally catch your stride... 

You might be missing one critical element standing between you and achieving triumph over the morning blues: Quality sleep. 

So, how can we make poor sleep a thing of the past?

Well, that’s where our new bedtime hero comes in: A White Noise Machine.

These nifty gadgets can be a great way to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep more effectively.

What is White Noise?

“White Noise”, by definition, is the consistent sound created by taking all the frequencies that we humans can hear, and combining them all together.

Consider this comparison: 

Remember back to science class, when we learned that;

The Color White is actually just the way our eyes perceive the combination of all wavelengths of visible color? 

Similarly, White Noise is the combo of all the frequencies of sound we can perceive. 

It’s a fascinating correlation, for sure... But how can this help me sleep, you ask?

Don’t worry, you needn’t have topped your class in physics lab to wrap your head around this scientifically-proven concept… 

Enjoying the effects of white noise is deceptively simple, and also highly effective in achieving your sweetest dreams!

Here’s 4 reasons why investing in a white noise machine improves your quality of sleep:

4. White Noise is Predictable & Consistent

The steady, ambient background hum that white noise provides sets a soothing stage for restful sleep.

Why is this so effective? 

Simply put, the unwavering sounds created by a white noise machine cleverly generate a “buffer zone” for your senses. 

These steady sounds work to gently smooth out any auditory speed bumps or subtle disturbances in your environment.

They do this by filtering out all the little sounds that ordinarily might not wake you up completely, but certainly do disrupt your delicate sleep cycles.

Foam rolling

 By maintaining a more steady sleep state while you are snoozing, your sleep cycles are allowed to fluctuate normally.  

Without any little interruptions throwing your sleep phases out of sequence, white noise lets you get the most restful regeneration out of all your sleep stages.

Your body will flow seamlessly through its rhythms, achieving Sleep Stages 1 through 4... And also actually get you deeply into that much-needed, restorative REM sleep. 

3. White Noise Machines Drown Out Bumps in the Night

Blocking out other, more disruptive sounds will also contribute to a soothing sleep.

It goes without saying that the dog next door’s barking, the inconsistent drone of traffic, sirens blazing nearby, and the upstairs neighbor who stomps around their apartment all night are all ruining your peaceful shut-eye.

While some noisy neighbors are particularly obtrusive- (you might need to casually suggest they hold their garage band practice sessions at somebody else’s house!) 

...Most regular urban noise disturbances that'd usually jolt you awake can be effectively subdued with the soothing sounds of white noise draped over the top.

Simply place your white noise machine by your bed, adjust the volume and track setting to your optimum level; then bask in your ability to drown out whatever external racket is going on.

Live right in the heart of a bustling city? 

You might as well be by the ocean, enjoying the lazily lapping waves washing up on the beach of your dreams, as far as a white noise machine is concerned…

2. White Noise Machines = Blissful Bedtime Routines.

Having a consistent nighttime routine is hands-down the easiest way to guarantee an effortless slip into slumber. 

Creating a soothing atmosphere with your favorite nature sounds- perhaps a rolling thunderstorm, or a gently babbling brook, will rock you right to sleep like a baby when you hop into bed.

You might do a little candlelight reading before turning in for the night, meditate a while, take a bubble bath, or do some gentle stretching. 

Foam rolling

 Whatever your favorite relaxing bedtime ritual is, setting the soundtrack for chill time with a white noise machine will ease your brain into sleep mode in no time. 

If you’re anything like us, the moment your head hits the pillow, your brain can kick into overdrive deconstructing and analyzing the day’s events. 

Left to its own devices, it feels like our minds could play out every anxiety-inducing scenario we’ve ever experienced, or potentially will in the future as soon as we lay down for the night!

Quieting your racing mind with a White Noise Machine is an effective way to hit the pause button on overthinking, and settle your nerves down ready for sleep. 

What could be more calming than the sounds of nature to comfortingly soothe you to slumber?

1. White Noise Machines Let You Take a Good Night Sleep Everywhere You Go

Investing in a white noise machine means you can pack a good night’s sleep into your suitcase with you everywhere you travel, too.

Getting a great sleep when you’re not in your own bed can be a challenge at the best of times. 

Do you:

  • Travel for work and have to sleep through noisy hotel hallways or slamming doors?
  • Camp often in eerily quiet woods? 
  • Stay with friends who don’t have a ceiling fan in the guest bedroom to provide that calming hum?
  • Visit family in old houses that creak in the night (and may or may not be haunted!)?

While these sleep disturbance scenarios may be incredibly specific... The point is, with a white noise machine, you won’t have to sacrifice good quality sleep whenever you leave the comfort of your own bed. 

You truly can guarantee a great night’s sleep, no matter where you are!

Guarantee your best rest with this miracle slumber solution...

White Noise Machine

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~ Choose the perfect soundtrack  for your sleepytime success ~

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Compact & Portable:

~ 7 hours continuous play even while unplugged ~

~ Ideal for travel, nightstand or desk ~

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So, what are you waiting for? 

A white noise machine is a small investment for the immensely valuable benefits you’ll enjoy from achieving your most perfect night’s sleep; no matter what your environment. 

Feeling more rested to tackle whatever our day has in store is always right at the top of our wishlists…

Wishing you the sweetest dreams ever with wonderful white noise,

Slabway Wellness Contributor

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